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BBC’s Maryam Moshiri throws shade at Sky News – “Never wrong for long”

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BBC World News

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Six male BBC presenters agree to pay cuts

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Six male BBC presenters agree to pay cuts

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Latest news 6 Jan. The essential business news live from Singapore. Homepage. Asia Business Report.

BBC News Presenters

BBC World News Asia Pacific & South Asia only. Asia Business Report and Sport Today are aired at the back of the first three hours of Newsday. BBC World News and World Business Report air at on both channels and in lieu of commercials seen on the international broadcasts, the presenters give a brief update on.

Asia News - Asia Business - Asia Defense - Asia Technology - Daily News Australia - Cambodia - China - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Japan - Korea Laos - Malaysia - New Zealand - Philippines - Singapore - Taiwan - Thailand - Vietnam.

The latest news, business and sport from BBC News, Global news as it affects audiences in Asia. With breaking news, Matthew Amroliwala explains the day's global news and what it means to you - with reports from the BBC's network of correspondents around the world.

Six male BBC presenters agree to pay cuts

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Bbc news asia business report presenters
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