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Free Business presentation vector. Businessman and businesswoman in a presentation. Business team in a meeting. Designed and brought to you by Under Creative Commons Attribution. Enjoy and give a visit to our site for more vectors.

"It's by images, pictures, videos that we understand the universe." Make use of this power by ending your presentation with a riveting visual that ties to your take-home message.

Here's an example from architecture and design firm NBBJ's chief marketing officer, Tim Leberecht. INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES FOR PRESENTATIONS Activity When/Time Purpose Instructions Experts Unite! Beginning Time: 2 min Form connections among participants, create link between what they know and what they will be learning Begin by saying, “There are people in this room who already know.

Incorporating hilarious pictures into your presentations can help keep people interested even if you are a boring person.

Using a few simple techniques I list below you will be able to pick the funniest pictures that will appeal the majority of your audience. This is one of those photos that is funny because everyone can relate to it.

Everyone has been in a position at least once where they have so much to do that they can't even start. The look on the chef's face seems like he's considering whether to go on or toss everything and go get a pint.

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