Hitlers hidden treasures

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REVEALED: Hitler's lost gold FOUND: Divers locate £100million Nazi shipwreck stash

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Billions of Dollars of Looted WWII Treasure Is Still Hidden

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Treasures lost under Nazis found in elderly German's flat

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Has secret Nazi treasure been hidden in this beautiful lake for 70 years?

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At the age of 18, Adolf Hitler applied to the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna but was rejected. A number of Hitler's paintings were seized by the U.S. Army at the end of World War II and found a home at the center. AS Nazi Germany began to fall in its leaders set about hiding the treasures they looted for the previous six years.

Priceless art and silver, some of it stolen from the Jewish people they. Mar 28,  · The nephew of senior Nazi SS officer Ernst Kaltenbrunner has come forward with information about a hoard of Nazi treasure buried in Lake Toplitz, confirming suspicions held by investigators for Author: Owen Bennett.

Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Two Extraordinary Museum Collections Join Forces To Create A Landmark Exhibition of Sargent Watercolors.

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The Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston both purchased significant works in watercolor by John Singer Sargent. Sargent only participated in two major watercolor exhibitions in the United States during his lifetime.

$37 billion of treasure hidden around Germany Hitlers hidden treasures
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