Scope of tourism

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Scope of Tourism: Indian Perspectives

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What is tourism?

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Tourism: Scope And Career Opportunities

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Scope of Tourism: Indian Perspectives

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India and tourism India- a place which is indeed unity in diversity lies in the upper equatorial region and the Tropic of Cancer passes through it.

Scope of Tourism in India

Its geographical location bolsters all the scenic views that any terrain can attain. India is a mix. Published: Mon, 5 Dec TOURISM Introduction. Tourism is one of the fast growing industry in the world. When considering India, undoubtedly there is an unlimited scope of tourism development in the South Indian state of Kerala which would definitely bring up the economic growth of the country.

School of Continuing and Professional Education. About Us. Our Vision and Mission; Message from Director; People; Historic Highlights. The scope of travel and tourism is truly immense: in the last six years, it has created 11 million jobs and has the potential to create another 37 million jobs (estimated by the NSSO, Ministry of Tourism) of the million projected requirement by Scope of Medical Tourism in India Research Protocol Rationale & background information Medical tourism is the practice of patients travelling across the international boarders to receive medical services in other countries.

The increased demand in healthcare in various countries such as the Unites States, Japan, and United Kingdom has lead. Sustainable tourism, in its purest sense, is an industry which attempts to make a low impact on the environmental and local culture, while helping to generate income and employment without overtaxing any resources – whether human, environmental or man-made.

Scope of tourism
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